Mega Sena


MEGA SENA is the most popular lottery in Brazil, it is famous not only in Brazil but also abroad. Mega Sena is organized by the federal bank Caixa Economica.

This exciting Brazilian lottery is drawn twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, at 8pm local time.
Mega Sena lotto is very simple. Players select 6 numbers from a possible 60 numbers( 1-60).

Jackpot starts from 2 million R$ (about 900,000 USD). Just like in other lotteries we may meet here a huge prizes which reach many millions of dollars.

Mega Da Virada 
is the New Year’s Eve draw, which is extremely popular in Brazil and has a giant jackpot.

The record jackpots paid out was 194 million R$ in 2010 and 144 million R$ in 2009.

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